Machine Tattoos

As you can see in the gallery below, machine tattoos are more popular than bamboo tattoos. The main reason is it’s faster with the machine. About the pain between machine and bamboo tattoo, it’s just depend of you but also from the place of your body which will be tattooed.

I can design the tattoo you want, from an idea to a picture.  You can always explain me what you are looking for or even look in our models. But if you have already done your own drawing, it’s even better. you will win time.
The best is to contact me first by email or from my Facebook page to plan meeting time. If you are already in Koh Chang, you can always come to my studio whenever you want.
During the high season, I may be very busy that’s why it’s better to plan a time early enough.

With my team, we are suing sterilised tattooing needles, surgical gloves and professional tattooing ink. Hygiene is our priority!

Sterilised needles Tattooing ink

Here are some of the tattoos we have already made:

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